Friday, July 2, 2010

{Wedding Day} :: Logan + Jason

{Jason & Logan :: The lovely soon-to-be newlyweds!}

Left: At our 10 year high school reunion last fall. Me, Logan, &
our friend Haley (who is one of Logan's bridesmaids!)
Right: Me with Logan at a friend's baby shower last summer

Today, one of my oldest, dearest friends, Logan is getting hitched! Logan and I have been friends for over twenty years. When we were younger, people thought we were sisters! I have so many fun & fond memories that include her (and her amazing mom) and am so excited to see her as a bride!

Logan and I have been shared a lot competitions, many many sleepovers, cheerleading tryouts, passing notes in class, middle school boyfriend drama, graduating from high school, then college. We eventually sort of went our own ways and did our own things, but always kept in touch & remained friends. She's just one of those people that no matter how infrequently we talk or see each other nothing ever seems to change!
Little known secret about me: thanks to Logan, I was actually a Tar Heel fan for a few years {it was before I knew any better ;) }

I'm so excited for Logan & Jason's wedding this evening at the Victorian Villa Inn and am so thankful for everyone that the weather has cooled off just a smidge! I can't wait to see some old friends from high school and some of Logan's family that I haven't seen in years! Should be a fun reunion for all. Complete with "Carolina blue" bridesmaid dresses, of course!
Congratulations, Logan & Jason! I wish you many years of happiness!


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