Tuesday, July 20, 2010

{Personal} Happy Birthday Mini-Me!

{A few pictures of her adventures over the past 4 years. How cute is she?!}
Today, my niece Lucy turns 4. Time flies when you're having fun...and fun she is! I cannot believe she is already 4 and will start pre-school this fall! She keeps us all on our toes with her many questions and sweet southern twang. Some days I think she's 4 going on 14! She loves to dance and shop at Target. Her favorite things are girly and fabulous and of course, the Charlotte 49ers and she's a great big sister to Kate-Linn. It's been said she's a bit like I was...but I'm not sure I see it :)
Leave her some sweet birthday comment love!

Aunt Erica


  1. Happy Birthday little miss Lucy!! Cute, cute pics!

  2. happy birthday miss lucy....you have the coolest name ever :) yay!

  3. AWWWW how sweet! Happy Birthday Lucy Loo!! Miss Britney and Matt love you.

  4. She is ADORABLE!!! Happy Birthday Lucy!!!