Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Feelin' HOT HOT HOT!

Maybe it's just me, but the weather in Charlotte over the past several weeks has been insanely hot + humid! Definitely hard to believe we're officially only 10 days into summer- I'm already itching for the cool days of fall!
This little "heat wave" has affected other areas of the country as well. I recently came across this blog post from Saundra Hadley with Planning...forever Events in Indiana and thought it was worth re-posting here! Saundra recently had an outdoor wedding on a day when temperatures hit a new record high! This is a great reminder for planners and brides-to-be alike that when you are working on the "back-up plan" in case of rain at your outdoor summer wedding, make sure you have one for extreme heat as well!
I've been to several outdoor weddings where the heat was nearly unbearable! As a guest this was extremely uncomfortable and made the wedding very difficult to enjoy! While I understand that none of us can control the weather, a bit of planning can make everyone more comfortable during an outdoor summer wedding.
Providing bottled water or lemonade for your guests at the cermony is a relatively easy & inexpensive option for beating the heat. Colorful fans are also useful for making the heat a bit more bearable and as a bonus they also help keep bugs away and can even double as ceremony programs!
What are some other ideas that you've seen or used to keep the guests & wedding party comfortable at an outdoor wedding? Leave a comment and let me know!
Pretty fans that double as ceremony programs!
{Image found on
Backyard Bride. Program fans designed by PEAKaBooDesign}

Summer refreshments to cool your guests! And with a little creativity, they will even coordinate with your wedding decor! {Image found on Hostess Blog. Photo credit: Melissa Kelsey Label design: Blonde Designs}

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