Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November Goals & Sneak Peek!

And here it is a month later which means new goals! And one of my goals is definitely to blog something other than goals! In fact, I’ll even post a sneak peek at one of the weddings you’ll see more of soon! October was lots of craziness and fun and November promises to be just as busy! Here’s how October’s goals fared…
{} Finalize my contract & have the attorney review it In progress- will see the attorney over Thanksgiving so I will have him review it then.
{} Do the paperwork to become an LLC (changing from a sole proprietorship) Paperwork complete but am submitting it after January 1 for tax purposes.
{} Meet with 3 new vendors Check!
{} Have dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in a while Check!
{} Catch up on thank you notes to vendors In progress.
{} Organize my business expenses/receipts Didn’t get to this one...procrastination strikes again!
{} Schedule someone to deep clean our house & carpets House cleaners are coming Friday!
{} Catch up on “Mad Men” & “Glee” episodes Decided to try to do this over the holidays.
{} Start working on my business plan In progress.
{} Clean out my closet & switch out the seasonal clothes Check!
{} Take Norm to the dog bar in NoDa Check! (So much fun- can’t wait to go back!)
{} Make something with my KitchenAid mixer (I am not a cook/baker and it’s starting to get dusty!) Check! The peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies were definitely a success!
{} Plant fall flowers in my front yard & get out the Halloween decorations Check!
{} Update/clean out my Google reader Check!

And now for my November goals…
{} Get a good start on the Christmas shopping (cannot believe it is time for this already!)
{} Order holiday cards for Green Shoes Weddings & Events
{} Meet with 3 more vendors
{} Blog 5 times (this one doesn’t count!)
{} Order a new chair for our office at home
{} Work on marketing plan & materials for Green Shoes Weddings & Events
{} And, of course, work on the goals from October that didn’t I didn’t quite finish!

And here’s a sneak peak from Mandie & Drew’s September wedding at Castle McCulloch in Jamestown! Such a FUN couple- and Mandie has great style! Leave me some comment love regarding the monthly goals or Miss Mandie Grace! Happy Fall, y’all!

{Photo Credit: Bert Reed Photography}

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  1. Nice work on your October list. I know it was down to the wire on a few of those. You're making great progress. Those vendor meetings will payoff in the long run for sure.