Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Goals for October!

So I’m totally stealing this idea from my fellow Charlotte wedding pros, Cheyenne Schultz & Alyse Woodward and starting my own monthly “goal list” on my blog. Just for fun reference, you can check out Cheyenne & Alyse’s goals for October as well as the results from their September posts. I think they got the idea from fab photographer Nancy Ray , but as someone who loves to make lists, I thought this would be a good idea! Plus it will help me be more accountable in actually accomplishing some of these goals! Some are business related and some are more personal. There are big goals & small goals on my list, but nonetheless, here’s my list for October (and yes, I know it’s late, but I had a big, fabulous wedding this past weekend so better late than never!)

{} Finalize my contract & have the attorney review it
{} Do the paperwork to become an LLC (changing from a sole proprietorship)
{} Meet with 3 new vendors
{} Have dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in a while
{} Catch up on thank you notes to vendors
{} Organize my business expenses/receipts
{} Schedule someone to deep clean our house & carpets
{} Catch up on “Mad Men” & “Glee” episodes
{} Start working on my business plan
{} Clean out my closet & switch out the seasonal clothes
(check out my inspiration from Julianne Smith here)
{} Take Norm to the dog bar in NoDa
{} Make something with my KitchenAid mixer (I am not a cook & it’s starting to get dusty!)
{} Plant fall flowers in my front yard & get out the Halloween decorations
{} Update/clean out my Google reader

And here is my inspiration board for my goals (disclaimer: that is not actually my closet, nor would my closet EVER be that organized!)

What are some of your goals for this month? Any fun suggestions for what to make with my mixer or any good blogs I should be sure to read on a regular basis (wedding or non-wedding related)?


  1. bake a halloween cake, or make some yummy oatmeal raisin cookies from scratch. i don't cook either, so my suggestions are limited. sorry!
    love your october goals list. gives me inspiration to create one of my own!

    hope your day ended on a positive note!

  2. yay for the monthly goal challenge! loving your goals :)