Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day:: Stop to remember

In the true spirit of Memorial Day, I thought I'd write a post to remind all of us of the reason we celebrate this holiday. It is because of the men & women who have fought for our country and continue to do so everyday so that we can have our freedom. Regardless of your political views or your opinion on the current situation in Iraq & Afghanistan, please take a moment today to remember and thank those who have served. These photos are of people who are important to me who have served our country.

Patrick (United States Marine Corps) and Butler (US Army) are two of my best friends. I've known them both for 15+ years and love them like brothers. They were both ushers in my wedding. Both of them fought in Iraq & Afghanistan and were deployed multiple times. My mother's father, my Grandpa Pete, fought in the Army during World War II. In my recent explorations of my parents' attic & storage unit I've come across lots of old pictures including these of Grandpa during his service days. I also found his dogtag from the Army and now wear it myself on occasion. The photo in the background of the collage is of the 88th Division Cemetery No. 3 near Florence, Italy. The picture was taken by my grandfather in 1944.
So as many of us enjoy our long weekend, let's not forget those who continue to fight so that we can enjoy the freedoms we sometimes take for granted.


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