Sunday, January 31, 2010

February Already?!

The weatherman was right, and we actually saw plenty of snow this weekend which may or may not have anything to do with being inspired to blog. So I won't dwell on how long it's been since I've blogged, but I will share some of the fun things that have happened since then...

*I finished my photography class at The Light Factory and now sort of know how to use a digital SLR camera
*I started the last year of my twenties
*I made a road trip to Louisville, KY for a basketball game and got to spend time with my fabulous former bride/friend, Heather and met two amazing planners, Lauren from Lauren Chitwood Events and Rayna from Always Planned while I was there
*I registered for Eventology 2010 in April...and I absolutely cannot wait!
*I spent the holidays with my family and enjoyed every relaxing minute of it! Nothing quite like watching my 3 year old niece on Christmas morning!
*I spent New Year's Eve with my husband and saw one of my favorite bands, The Avett Brothers, in concert.
*I designed my first magazine photo shoot for The Bride's Book and got to work with Candice & Daniel from The Beautiful Mess!
*One of my best friends/bridesmaids got engaged! :)
*I got to meet a fabulous Atlanta planner & fellow pug lover,
Ashley Baber while I was in Richmond
*I attended the Grand Opening of the fabulous New York Bride + Groom in Charlotte
*I attended the Bridal Showcase at the Charlotte Convention Center to help out my good friend Lucy at her booth for Lucy Parker Photography and got a chance to meet some new vendors and see some vendors I already knew!
*I took my amazing husband out for his birthday to Soul Gastro Lounge. I want to go back. ASAP.

So there's the cliff's notes of what I have already done...and here's a sneak peek of my goals for February:
* Finish the book "Crush It"....and then read it again.
*book my flight & hotel room for Eventology
*write four blog posts
*attend at least one networking event
*meet with at least two vendors
*make a list of websites/blogs to share with my brides for ideas & inspiration
*follow up with vendors from the bridal show
*read & comment on more blogs!


  1. Looking forward to meeting with you and helping you check at least one of those February to-do's off your list!

  2. Sounds like quite the eventful month! But so much fun! :) And, I've heard good things about "The Light Factory" - what'd you think?

  3. You've been doing a ton of stuff. You're making me look bad! :-) Proud of you!!