Saturday, August 29, 2009

Let them eat cupcakes!

A fun idea that has become popular with many couples is serving cupcakes instead of the traditional wedding cake. This was once thought to be more appropriate for casual outdoor weddings, but it has definitely found its way into more traditional, formal affairs.
Cupcakes can be a lot of fun and can be just as elaborately decorated and displayed as a traditional cake. The cost will vary based on detail and your location. Some traditional cake bakers will do cupcakes and there are also shops & bakeries that specialize in cupcakes. If you’re in Charlotte, I highly recommend Polka Dot Bake Shop. When you’re meeting with potential bakers for your wedding, ask if they do cupcakes! You could also do cupcakes instead of a traditional groom’s cake as well.
If you’re concerned about the “cake cutting” tradition you can always have a small cake made to coordinate with the cupcakes for you & your sweetie to cut into at the reception. Have fun with it! Have different flavor combos for your guests to choose from or make the design interesting with a monogram or other design that is incorporated into your wedding d├ęcor.

Super cute example of cupcakes as well as a smaller cake for the bride & groom to cut.
{photo credit: Luster Studios}

Edible toppers featuring the bride & groom's last initial.
{photo credit: Jennifer Angeloro}

Absolutely LOVE this one! Fall weddings are my fave and this is such a cute display!
{photo credit: Baking Up Chaos}

Adorable for a vineyard wedding
Cupcakes by: Hansel & Gretel's Bakery
{photo credit: Tiona Fuller Photography}

Super cute toppers incorporating monograms and the wedding date.
{photo credit: Live Love Photography}

Aren't these beautiful?! Almost makes me want to learn to bake!
Cupcakes by: Polka Dot Bake Shop
{photo credit: Cheyenne Schultz Photography}

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