Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Budget Savvy Bride

Budget Savvy…. Something more brides are becoming during this economy. The Budget Savvy Bride has this concept down to an art and shares all her “secrets” in her fabulous blog! Jess has been a huge help to me with my blog since I am somewhat technology challenged. She is in Charlotte this week with her husband who is doing some job training so we met for lunch today. She planned a beautiful wedding for about $10,000 and blogged about it along the way along with a detailed re-cap after the wedding. She is so creative and did an amazing job of showing brides & planners alike how you can save some money without sacrificing the important details.

Jess is also a graphic designer and does lots of cool freelance work in addition to her budget savvy blogging. And she’s a Tennessee Vol (which is where I spent my first year of college)…so that makes her extra cool!


  1. thanks for the link love! :) Yay for your new blog!

  2. I follow the budgetsavvybride already and found you through her. She has great stuff and awesome insight! I look forward to reading more of your blog posts and if you ever plan any weddings where you need some makeup artists please check us out: and

    We're in the Raleigh area but travel all over.